Music Brings joy!

Your $75 donation will give a special needs child 3 music session experiences!!  Music Kids Foundation is about raising donations for the purpose of  positively impacting  the lives of special needs children through music. Without your donations, we simply would not be able to help them. The number of special needs children are on the rise, unfortunately. And the public sector simply does not budget for programs to enrich the lives of these children.   Music Kids Foundation is a tool that the private sector can use to help them. ALL board members are volunteer and our administrative expenses are extremely low, so that nearly all of your donation goes to give music sessions for special needs children.  Just imagine for a moment how it must feel  to be in a world of your own without the ability to communicate your feelings like others.  Then imagine sharing a music session with someone feeling the emotions that come from making music together and the joy knowing that you were able to do it. The expressions on these kids' faces are priceless! Your donations make it happen!